National Women’s Day

The purpose of this is to go over the genesis, and modern hijacking, of this holiday and by no means is it to detract from the accomplishments, beauty and grace of the women we are celebrating.

National women’s day in the US was proposed by the US socialist party in 1910.  The backbone of the philosophy of socialism is class struggle.  It’s point is to energize perceived victim groups to mobilize politically.  Just read The Communist Manifesto’s author and creator of Socialism, Karl Marx.

Although today the holiday is celebrated by the populace as a whole, the talking points are still being hijacked from the American left,  as well as other countries where the left is also dominated by the collectivist philosophy.  Collectivist meaning when centralized power is sought to be concentrated to a small elite group where a minimum of individual liberty is desired by the those that subscribe to the philosophy.  In the US today, our reality doesn’t stand up to the victimized status the collectivist have painted American women into.  When you hear of the so-called patriarchy rhetoric, you hear of political talking points such as the wage gap, among others, so that the ignorant can virtue signal on social media.  Meanwhile, a dangerous political class seeking power grows stronger with the bumper sticker phrases used by the masses that are none the wiser.  The wage gap is just one example, but to get that out-of-the-way, it’s theory was created by taking the wages of men and women as a whole and simply calculating the average and subtracting the two.  No objective statistician or social scientist would tell you that is anywhere near a sane formula.  It’s inherently misleading.  In fact, when you take in consideration free will, the figures from the 2010 census tell a very different story.  Keep in mind, 8 years ago in the digital age may as well be a lifetime ago.  We’ll know the current story in two years.

What’s never acknowledged, and a much bigger threat to our society, is not only the fall of manhood, but the demonization of it, in general.  Men under 40 in metropolitan cities are earning 8% less than their female counterpart.  Home ownership of the same age is dominated by single women while men are living at home at an all time high.  Women dominate graduate school and men are twice as likely to be addicted to drugs and have experienced a 43% increase in suicide since 1997.  1 in 5 boys are diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder and are medicated for it.  In the same time, we’ve seen a massive hostility and misunderstanding of the needs of boys, perpetuated mostly by  female academics seeing important natural male traits, such as competition, repulsive.  As these boys grow older, the rise of the digital age matched with economic policies that render industrial work obsolete, have and will continue to provide an increasingly uphill battle for men of this generation.

First of all, I’d be the first to say that we need to have faith in the market, provided it’s not meddled by a centralized power, keeping in mind the objective of the philosophy under scrutiny here, is just that, centralized power.   However, an influential trait that is pivotal to combat the changing market, is generally under attach for the purpose of said philosophical power.  That trait is entrepreneurship.  The positive side to the changing markets is that it’s never been a better climate than today to be an individual.  With today’s access to the public, education, and funding, there has never in history been a better time to monetize a marketable idea.  That being said, when a fundamental evolutionary trait is being demonized by the powers at be and peddled by the masses under false preconceptions, only one gender has the upper hand, economically.  This is particularly dangerous when natural traits from both genders are equally important to hold a civilized society together.

The outcome of my previous statement goes as follows:

90% of inmates are male, single motherhood is at an all time high, 7 million males have dropped out of the labor force and half of them are taking pain and depression medications which is, by far, the highest in the world.  More women than men have driver’s licenses and there has been a drastic increase in mass shootings that are carried out almost entirely by men and literally in every recorded case they have all been medicated.  The most troubling of all of these statistics are the biological consequences.  Men today have 60% lower sperm counts, and testosterone levels have plummeted by half.  This contributes to weight gain and a host of other cognitive and motivational abilities.

To wrap up my thought here, there seems to be a distaste in masculinity in general, but no one that holds this belief can define it.  There are no medical studies being done to figure out why this is happening because they receive their research grants by those seeking power and the institutions that have a near monopoly on education.  I bring this up on this day for two reasons.  Being male helps women too, as well as femininity is crucial to masculinity.  We are yin and yang in this world and those that pretend to subscribe to science should be the ones seeing this trend first, but they choose to ignore it.  Please understand this…The need to socially virtue signal with bumper sticker phrases is the tool of those perpetuating some very fundamental issues that the masses themselves claim to be trying to solve.

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