These are the MP3 mixdowns of some of my shorter compositions.  To download the masters, search for me on all major streaming platforms.


I got a hold of some of the best brass tones I’ve ever heard so I was inspired to put this together.  It’s a simple ABAB theme for some creative reasons but also because I threw it together in a day.  This one needed a quick a turnaround and I didn’t want to risk thinking too much about it.  The dynamics were more important than the actual melodies in this one and that’s what makes it special, I believe


This was recorded for an ad placement for a major car manufacturer. I ended up building on to it because I had a violin arpeggio that I couldn’t get out of my head. The harsh string tone is exactly what I was going for, although at times comes off excruciating. The trap high hats that come into the 3rd theme make me giggle and the trombone reintroduces the main theme.  Cheers…



I had a cheap Kalimba from Amazon laying around and was curious what kind of tone I could get from it.  After some wine and some reverb…This is what was created.  I will certainly use this instrument again.

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