Modern Social Cues

The most privileged people in western society spend the most time tell us that they are oppressed & half of us don’t see through it. Mainly because it’s an in-demand tool used to mobilize to an elite social class in 2021. Elevate your suffering over your inability to overcome it. Western culture historically valued humility, bravery, and yes, the story of over coming impossible odds. It seems today that more and more young people, who have had every helping hand along and way, rationalize their failures by elevating a grievance, that historically is valued to overcome, not dwell in. Never has there been such a constant chant about anxiety and mental issues coming from a class of people with married parents, $1,000 phones and a college degree curtesy of the American tax payer. Not to say mental barriers don’t exist, of course they do, and most likely are heightened by the constant fear of public self-consciousness that social media has created in our daily involuntary thinking. However, the goal is to organize your life and talents in a way that minimizes it’s negative affect. Instead, people are being taught to acknowledge that there’s nothing you can do and that your victimhood is more valued than the ability to defeat or minimize it’s affect on you. Somehow pity and envy replaced inspiration and motivation. I mean, we live in a world where a literal Royal Duchess is interviewed by the first female billionaire and both soak in their “victimhood” and everyone claps applauding their “bravery.” Please….

The defense mechanism that kicks in if you mention the obvious is the most concerning. They get angry at your autonomous balance. Societal power now comes from victimhood, yet personal power comes from taking personal responsibility. Beware of those who get upset when you refuse to play victim with them. I’ve come to realize they were just dormant authoritarians that needed a societal wide crisis to activate. Now there are infinite excuses for their personal failures and infinite excuses to redesign society in their vision. They are calling this the great reset. It’s dangerous how many people want the Corona Virus Pandemic to be worse than it actually is, for instance. They crave the fear and the subjugation that comes with it. It’s all so bizarre to me. They would actually prefer to live the rest of their life locked down, which would be fine, to each their own, but they are trying to bring the rest of us down with them.

It seems society is ran by psychological fragility, much of it ideologically induced, because it’s the best way to manipulate a society. When we see the most comfortable and privileged projecting their victimhood status, it’s because they are trying to escape the “eat the rich” trends they themselves expound. When the pitch forks come out, they’ll be the “good 1%” on the side of the properly woke. Spare me…Wake up and create something of value you self-loathing beggar on horseback.

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