National Agriculture Day

On this National Agriculture Day let’s all remember that the illegal Department of Agriculture subsidizes sugar cane SO much that sugar is 8 times more expensive in the US than anywhere else, thus creating a market vacuum that  incentivizes producing high fructose corn syrup that is now killing us all.  The real tragedy here is that now the same people want to create a government monopoly around heath care because of rising costs due to obesity and heart disease.  I don’t know what’s worse, the power hungry economically ignorant politicians that think people know better than the market, or the same ignorance that leads voters to protest for consolidating power to the politicians that regulated us into this health crisis in the first place.  It’s a never ending cycle when it comes to regulation and market meddling.  Politicians regulate a market, that creates a ripple somewhere,  the same politician then points at the problem he caused and says we need to let him regulate it so that doesn’t happen again.  More and more we fall for it as a populace.  Of course, it helps when the department of education acts as a lobbying arm for the democrat party.  Economics takes a back seat to class grievance studies.

When a politician says that we need to subsidize the farming industry, understand that the ONLY reason he wants to destroy the pricing structure of our food and create god knows how many “unintended consequences” like high fructose corn syrup as well as destroy the health of our automobiles with ethanol, is because Iowa is the first primary state.